Horticultural Sciences

Bruce Schaffer and Jonathan Crane are Professors of Horticultural Sciences. They are off-campus members of the University of Florida, Department of Horticultural Sciences in Gainesville, FL. Dr. Schaffer's research focus is ecophysiology physiology of subtropical and tropical plants. Dr. Crane's program focuses on management of subtropical and tropical fruit crops.

Ecophysiology of Subtropical and Tropical Horticultural Crops (Dr. Bruce Schaffer)

This research program is aimed at investigating the effects of environmental and biotic factors on plant physiology; specifically leaf gas exchange, plant water relations, and photosynthate partitioning, of tropical and subtropical horticultural crops. Studies are aimed at defining effects of enviromental variables on plant growth and productivity to provide a basis for improving agricultural production and sustainability and for enhancing compatibility between agricultural and natural ecosystems.

Tropical Fruit Crops Management (Dr. Jonathan Crane)

This program's main areas of research include tree training (carambola, Annona spp., mamey sapote), tree size control (avocado, lime, mango, carambola, lychee, longan, Annona spp., mamey sapote), fertilizer practices and plant nutrition (carambola, lychee, avocado, lime), crop manipulation for off-season production (carambola, guava, Annona spp.), rootstock evaluation (Annona spp. Citrus spp.), improving fruit size (longan), and carambola, guava, papaya, and lychee cultivar evaluation.