The Water Resource Engineering program assists UF faculty in the County in implementing Extension education programs focused on the impact of the Everglades restoration process on agriculture and natural resources. These programs make available information about water-use practices related to agriculture, such as irrigation and water conservation, that will improve the compatibility of agriculture with the natural ecosystem and the expanding urban population in south Florida.

Other aspects of the program involve participation in state major programs, developing County in-service training programs, authoring electronic (EDIS) and hard copy materials, contributing to newsletters, carrying out demonstration trials and leading planning and reporting efforts in hydrology and water conservation.

For more information on extension irrigation activities, see the IrriGator BLOG (linked in header).


Smartirrigation apps

Interactive Irrigation Tool hosted by FAWN for lawn turf

Soil water (moisture) based irrigation

Evapotranspiration based irrigation

For more information on either irrigation topic, many materials are available through EDIS.

Water Quality Trainings

The most recent water quality course was offered in Feb 2011 at the Tropical REC. This course is now available through distance education. 

Water quality professional training course

HOA / Residential Irrigation Project

This project offers some incentives for installing soil moisture sensors for automating irrigation. It is currently being conducted by UF/IFAS Miami Dade County Extension Service and is funded by Miami Dade County Water and Sewer Department. For more information about this project, please see the following link: Web link

Additional information: www.greenyardsmiami.blogspot.com

Our portion of this project dealt with measuring water savings and has ended. See the reserach page for findings from this study.

Research page on this project: http://trec.ifas.ufl.edu/kwm/research/HOAproject.shtml

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