List of avocado pests: Sucking insects

Avocado lace bug

Pseudacysta perseae

Avocado bud mite

Tegolophus perseaflorae

Avocado thrips

Flower Thrips and Red Banded Thrips , Frankliniella kelliae, Frankliniella bispinosa and Selenothrips rubrocinctus

Avocado mirids

Daghbertus fasciatus & D. olivaceous

Avocado scales

Coconut Scale, (Aspidiotus destructor), Florida red scale (Chrysomphalus aonidum), Coccus sp.

Red-banded thrips

Selenothrips rubrocinctus

Avocado red mite

Oligonychus yothersi

Persea mite

Oligonychus perseae