Zamorano University Tour of TREC 2016

TREC had the opportunity to host 25 students and several faculties from Zamorano university headquartered in Honduras on Feb 29th.  Zamorano is a prestigious university that attracts students from all over Central and South America.  IFAS has a history of collaborating with this institution and hosting their students for internships as well for advanced degrees in various aspects of agriculture and natural resources. We started out their visits by reviewing the history of TREC and the facts and figures of Miami-Dade agriculture, its natural resources and the some of the highlights of the faculty research, teaching and extension programs that are located at TREC.  We then had various presentations given by several faculty members at the Center on the specifics of their programs.  The group also visited the labs of Dr. Dak Seal to see firsthand various aspects of his entomological work and discuss how the lab work connects up with his experiments in the field. They then made a stop at Dr. Carrillos’s lab so that they could understand the most important insect problems facing tropical fruit in the Homestead area. They visited the Diagnostic Clinic where Dr. Palmateer discussed the priority plant pathology projects that he is working on and also shared with them how the diagnostic clinic helps growers with determining whether they are dealing with an insect or disease problem on their plants or possibly an abiotic problem like iron deficiency or too much water around the root system of the plant.  Finally, the students were given a tour of TREC so that they could see tropical fruit, vegetable and ornamental experiments being conducted by the TREC scientists as well as visiting our tropical fruit collections and our natural area- the Pine-Rockland. This tour was conducted by Dr. Montas and Dr. Zhang.  We hope that this exposure to the programs and opportunities here at TREC will bring some of these students back to work with our faculty as interns or graduate students.

Please visit TREC's Facebook Page to view pictures from the Zamorano University Tour of TREC.


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