A letter from the president of
ACSPSNA To All Members

Dear All,

Thanks to the donation from Kingenta Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd., our Association, the ACSPSNA , has established ‘Kingenta Agricultural Science Award’ in the ASA-CSSA-SSSA. This award will recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to Chinese agriculture by:  (1) educating Chinese agricultural scientists; (2) contributing directly to Chinese agricultural research; (3) promoting applications of new research and technologies in China; (4) influencing Chinese agricultural policies that benefit farmers and the environment; and (5) improving the quality of Chinese agricultural research and technologies. The award consists of a certificate and $1000 honorarium presented by the ASA. The ASA-CSSA-SSSA membership is not required for the recipient who could be any nationality.  Please visit the announcement link and nominate accordingly and timely for us to select the first and the best recipient.

Your suggestions for a good management of this award are welcome.


Wengui Yan

Research Geneticist
Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center
2890 Hwy 130 E Stuttgart
AR 72160 Tel 870-672-9300 ext 231