ACSPSNA Newsletter
2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

The ACSPSNA 2010 Annual Meeting was held Monday, November 1, 2010 in the Convention Center, Long Beach, CA. Approximately 60 members participated and Drs. Zhenli He and Wengui Yan presided the meeting with the following minutes.

  1. Amendments that have been passed at the association annual meeting  
    1. Membership fee will be $ 10 for a student or a visitor, and $ 20 for a faculty or a scientist
    2. Life time membership fee will be $ 200.
    3. An acknowledgment will be presented to the invited speakers, outstanding contributors to the ACSPSNA and past president of the association.
    4. ‘Kingenta Agricultural Science Award’ will be used if this award is established with major contribution from Kingenta Fertilizers Co.
  2. Speeches
    1. ‘Inventing Controlled-Release Fertilizers – My Experience in China’ given by Dr. Min Zhang, Professor in Shandong Agricultural University.
    2. ‘1000 Talented Professor Plan’ given by Dr. Laosheng Wu. 
  3. Election for New Officer
    Dr. Qingren Wang at University of Florida was nominated and elected
    unanimously as the Secretary/Treasurer for ACSPSNA. Welcome aboard, Qingren!
  4. Dinner
    HomeTown Buffet (290 E Long Beach Blvd) sponsored by Kingenta Fertilizers Company.