Research Program

My main areas of research interest include tree training (carambola, Annona sp., mamey sapote), tree size control (avocado, lime, mango, carambola, lychee, longan, Annona sp., mamey sapote), fertilizer practices and plant nutrition (carambola, lychee, avocado, lime), crop manipulation for off-season production (carambola, guava, Annona sp.), rootstock evaluation (Annona sp., Citrus sp.), improving fruit size (longan), and carambola, guava, papaya, and lychee cultivar evaluation.

"Choquetta" Papaya
'Choquette' Avocado

Kohola Longan
'Kohola' Longan

Brewster Lychee
'Brewster' Lychee

Pantin Mamey sapote
'Pantin' Mamey sapote