Dr. Daniel Carrillo

Associate Professor
Entomology and Nematology

Dr. Daniel Carrillo conducts fundamental and applied research on biological and environmental processes that affect the population dynamics and spread of plant-associated pest and beneficial arthropods in tropical/subtropical fruit crop systems. He specializes in two main areas: biological control, and the ecology and management of invasive insects and mites.

Dr. Carrillo investigates factors that disrupt the beneficial activities of natural enemies and pollinators, and that hinder the development of solutions to mitigate these problems. Additionally, he studies the compatibility between biological and chemical control measures by determining the relative toxicity of pesticides to natural enemies and pollinators, and the compatibility and/or antagonism between biological control agents. Likewise, Dr. Carrillo's research focuses on multi-trophic interactions between host plants, pest arthropods and natural enemies, and how these affect the outcome of a biological control program. Lastly, he has a special interest in the ecology and management of invasive arthropods with a priority focus on vectors of plant pathogens.

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Dr Carrillo