Dr. Catharine Mannion

Professor — Ornamental Entomology

Dr. Mannion works on insect and other pest problems of ornamental plants, trees, shrubs and palms grown in the landscape and in production. Her research and extension program focus on integrated pest management with an emphasis on invasive pests. Current and past research has included studies on bioilogy, population dynamics and management of several introdfuced pests such as whiteflies, scales, thrips and weevils. She works closely with extension to provide necessary training and workshops on invasive pests.


Research emphasis is on the development of integrated pest management programs for ornamentals in south Florida with an emphasis on invasive species and insects of regulatory concern.  Research activities include basic biology, population dynamics, and integrating biologically based management and pesticide management of insect, mite, and snail pests.  Extension activities focus on training and implementation of integrated pest management in ornamental production and commercial landscapes and detection and management of new pests. 

Dr Mannion

Dr. Catharine Mannion (Professor) — Ornamental Entomology