Dr. Shouan Zhang

Professor — Vegetable Plant Pathology

Dr. Shouan Zhang is a Professor of Plant Pathology at the Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida, IFAS in Homestead, FL.  His current program focuses on detection and identification of invasive pathogens, and biology, epidemiology and integrated management of vegetable and herbal diseases.



Dr. Zhang’s research program (60% FTE) centers on detection, identification of invasive diseases by using conventional and molecular techniques, and integrated disease management for vegetable and herbal crops through the development of cost effective and environmentally sound strategies that are important for providing safe food supplies and maintaining a healthy environment. His current program focuses on detection and identification of invasive diseases threatening vegetable production in South Florida, and biology, epidemiology and management of economically important diseases in vegetable and herb production.


Dr. Zhang’s extension program (40% FTE) focuses on the identification and diagnosis of diseases of vegetable and herbal crops and implementation of management strategies and technologies to control diseases in South Florida. This includes providing disease diagnosis and management recommendations to growers, developing extension programs and educational documents such as EDIS, fact sheets, newsletters, and other education and outreach materials.

Dr Zhang

Dr. Shouan Zhang (Professor) — Vegetable Plant Pathology