In Service Training 2010 - Insecticides of Turf and Ornamentals 

                                      Recorded Presentations

   Dr. F. Fishel:

   Dr. J. Price: 

   Dr. C. Mannion:

   Dr. E. Buss: 

   Dr. L. Osborne:



Buss-IST presentation- biorationals (PDF)
AGENDA - IST Insecticides in Turf and Ornamentals
   Buss-IST presentation- biorationals (Powerpoint) Fishel-IST handout1-Formulations
   Fishel-IST presentation-biorational (PDF) Osborne- IST handout - chemical effects
   Fishel-IST presentation-biorational (Powerpoint) Osborne-IST handout - types of agents 
   Mannion-IST presentation-neonics (PDF) Osborne-IST handout-miticides
   Mannion-IST presentation-neonics (Powerpoint) Price-IST Handout1-resistance
   Osborne-IST presentation (PDF) Price-IST handout2-resistance
   Osborne- IST presentation (Powerpoint) Price-IST handout3-resistance
   Price-IST presentation-resistance (PDF) Reference Guide Insecticides OHP
   Price-IST presentation-resistance (Powerpoint)