Keeping in-touch with our Circle of Friends, here is what happening in their lives and what they have to say:


TREC circle of friends:

“I fully enjoyed my time at TREC and made some good memories with Trekians. I still remember those Friday nights at Schnebly Winery and Tropical Nights and I miss all the tropical fruits we had in TREC.”

Currently, Babu Panthi is a postdoctoral researcher at Oregon State University in field crops entomology program at Oregon State University. He is working with Dr. Navneet Kaur to develop management tools for two lepidopteran pests (casebearer moth and sod webworm) in grass seed and red clover seed crops. Specifically, he will be working on developing phenology models for these two pests to better predict the peak activity of this pest in seed crop fields for their efficient management.


Dr. Lawrence was the first female UF Entomology graduate student to live on the TREC campus. Learn more

"As I like to say, “once a Trekian always a Trekian” and we want to invite you to stay connected or to reconnect with the Center. Share with us “tidbits” about your career and some of your successes for posting in this page by sending an email to: and ask us how you can join the TREC Circle of Friends." Click here for more information.

-Edward "Gilly" Evans