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The Plant Diagnostic Clinic -TREC personnel supports the educational and outreach activities of the Department of Plant Pathology by:

  • Providing internships for graduate students, through participation in departmental courses, and
  • Providing Extension Agent training.
  • We also provide workshops and seminars directed to commercial growers dedicated to ornamental, landscape and tropical fruits.

Please check our announcements to learn more about the workshops and seminars being offered.



Ornamental Fungicide Update 2018


Dear Valued Clients, 

The Plant Diagnostic Clinic, at the Tropical Research and Education Center (TREC), will be closed from Monday, May 6, 2019 to Friday, May 10, 2019. We will resume our regular schedule on Monday, May 13, 2019. 

Please ensure delivery of samples by Wednesday, May 1, 2019 or hold off sample submissions until we return. 

Alternatively, samples can be mailed to the UF-Plant Diagnostic Center:

Address: UF- Plant Diagnostic Center. 2570 Hull Rd, Gainesville, FL 32603

Phone: (352) 392-1795


In case of emergency, please contact your local extension agents. 


E. Vanessa Campoverde, M.S.

Commercial Agent and Ornamental Agent at UF/IFAS Miami-Dade


Phone: (305) 248-3311 Ext 241 


Jeff Wasielewski, M.S.

Commercial Tropical Fruit Extension Agent at UF/IFAS Miami-Dade


Phone: (305) 248-3311 Ext 227 


Henry Mayer, M.S.

Commercial Urban Horticulture Agent at UF/IFAS Miami-Dade


Phone: (305) 248-3311 Ext. 231 

Adrian Hunsberger, M.S.

Urban Horticulture Agent (Homeowners)


Phone: (305) 248-3311 Ext. 236


Qingren Wang

Commercial Vegetable Extension Agent 

Phone: (305) 248-3311 


As always, we appreciate your business and continued support.


Best Wishes,

TREC - Plant Diagnostic Clinic Team​