How to Collect and submit Turf/Grass samples

Information extracted from UF-Plant Diagnostic Center


  1. Submit generous amounts of plant material from the edge of the diseased area representing a range of symptoms (part dead part healthy). Two cup cutter plugs are usually sufficient. Aeration cores are not.
  2. Don’t add water. Samples should be sealed in plastic bags and may be wrapped in aluminum foil, newspaper, paper towel, etc. before being sealed in a plastic bag.
  3. Deliver or ship samples via express courier immediately after collecting. Do not send samples if collected more than 12 hrs. prior to shipping. Get new samples.
  4. All samples must be accompanied by the first page of this completed Plant diagnostic submission form (English). Give complete information on the form and keep the form separate from the sample. Limit sample information to one (1) sample per form. You are encouraged to include any other pertinent information in addition to that requested on the form.
  5. Samples cannot be received on Saturday or Sunday; ship accordingly.

Other Resources:

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Phone: 352 273-4622

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