University of Florida

About FruitScapes

Fruit trees are a wonderful way to enhance the beauty and value of your landscape. They provide nutritious food to eat and share with friends, neighbors, and wildlife; they provide shade, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Florida residents are blessed with three climatic regions in which fruit trees may be grown: warm temperate area where peaches and nectarines, persimmons, and blueberries; subtropical areas where citrus and moderately to very cold hardy subtropical fruits such as loquat, lychee, guava, and avocado may be grown and; warm tropical areas where less cold hardy fruit trees such as mango, banana, atemoya, carambola, papaya and mamey sapote may be grown.

The variety of fruit crops available for the Florida landscape is large and within any given fruit crop species there may be differences in cold, flood, wind, and saline water and soil tolerance.

Contact your local county Cooperative Extension Service for more information and to answer questions.