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Dr. Zachary Brym
Agronomy Department
brymz@ufl.edu | Blg 8235, Rm 1-4

I investigate the intersection and interaction between agricultural and natural systems from the perspective of plant physiology and community ecology. I opened the TREC Agroecology Lab in January of 2017 after receiving my Ph.D. from Utah State University and MS from the University of Michigan.


Dr. Cliff Martin

I am a research associate in the TREC Agroecology Lab primarily focused on identifying the diversity of plant species at the research station. My main areas of expertise include botany, entomology, and scientific writing. I earned my Ph.D. at TREC in 2009, where I specialized in ornamental plant and vegetable entomology.


Romain Gloaguen

I joined TREC Agroecology for my Ph.D. in Spring 2018 from France. I have been working with the UF Agroecology Program since 2015, after an internship in 2013 first introduced me to UF. I work on the sesame root system and how it impacts ecosystem services as well as seed and oil quality. I received an MS in Agronomy and Crop Science from Agrocampus Ouest Rennes in 2015.



Daniel Calzadilla


I joined the lab in the spring of 2019 as a Biological Scientist. Now, in the fall of 2021, as a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in Agronomy with a concentration in Agroecology, I support the lab in daily operations and agroecosystems experiments to progress the field of Agricultural ecology. I graduated from Florida International University in the fall of 2018 with a B.A degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability with a certificate in Agroecology. I have experience and passion for organic gardening, permaculture, and beekeeping.

Ajit Williams


I joined the TREC Agroecology lab in the spring of 2019 as an agricultural assistant. Now, as a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in Agronomy with a concentration in Agroecology, I support the research and extension efforts of the UF/IFAS Hemp Program here in South Florida. I have experience in sustainable farming, economics, and cannabis cultivation. I obtained a B.S. in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida in 2017.


Tamara Serrano, Graduate student, 2021.


MS in Agronomy, concentration in Agroecology - studying hemp nutrient management.

I'm originally from Long Island, NY and I recently graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in Horticultural Sciences with a minor in Soil and Water Sciences along with a certificate in Horticultural Therapy. I'm currently continuing my education at the University of Florida, pursuing my MS in Agronomy with a concentration in Agroecology studying hemp nutrient management. My passion for plants and nature started from a farm simulation role-playing videogame called Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I love exploring the great outdoors, kayaking, camping, hiking, landscaping, and gardening. Ultimately, I want to improve people-plant interactions by helping others with their plants and connecting more people to the joys of nature.


Former Members

### MS

Larousse Dorissant, Graduate Student. Graduated 2021.

Thesis: "Residue decomposition dynamics, mixed ratios of two warm-season cover crops".

Currently: Biological scientist at the American University of the Caribbean in Haiti.

Ph.D. student at South Dakota State University.

Luis Monserrate, Graduate Student. Graduated 2021.

Thesis: "Assessment of variety selection and nutrient management for industrial hemp production in south Florida".

Currently: Plant Breeding, Ph.D. student at Cornel.

Stacy Swartz, Graduate Student. Graduated 2021.

Thesis: "Cover crop production, Competition, and Decomposition in Diverse Mixtures in Southwest Florida Sandy Soils".

Currently: Research & Publications Associate at ECHO Global Farm.

### PhD

Thioro Fall, Ph.D. student, 2018.

Graduate Research Assistant.


### Post-doc

Dr. Will Wadlington, Postdoc, 2020.

Currently: Director of Plant Science for Green Point Research.

### Intern

Teresa Macias, Undergraduate Student Intern, 2021.

Currently: Finishing B.S. degree in Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Yanissa Rodriguez, Undergraduate Student Intern, 2021.

Ariane Leconte, Undergraduate Student Intern, 2021.

Kingsley Wiggan

Raymond McCoy

Soleil Lobato, Undergraduate Student Intern, 2019.

Currently: Science Teacher at Hialeah Middle School.

Nicole Picon, Undergraduate Student Intern, 2018.

M.A. Sustainable Development Practice ‘21 and Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow.

Currently: Finishing MS degree.

Wendy Mesa, Graduate Student Intern, 2017.

### Staff

Shayan Khatibi, Agricultural Assistant, 2018.


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