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Tropical Research And Education Center

Tropical Research And Education Center

Vegetable Plant Pathology

The Vegetable Plant Pathology extension program focuses on the identification and diagnosis of diseases in vegetable and herbal crops and implementation of management strategies and technologies to control diseases in South Florida. This includes developing extension programs and educational materials such as EDIS, fact sheets, newsletters, and other education and outreach materials. 

Specific focal areas of my extension program are:

  1. Developing integrated disease management strategies and technologies for commercial vegetable and herbal crop production in South Florida, such as sanitation, crop rotation, resistant varieties, and fungicide programs, and communicating these strategies and technologies through field days, one-on-one contacts, newsletters, hand-outs and EDIS fact sheets
  2. Diagnosis of diseases or disorders of vegetable and herbal crops submitted by clientele to the Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic at the University of Florida’s Tropical Research & Education Center
  3. Promoting accurate identification of vegetable diseases and demonstrating disease management strategies by conducting field days and field visits, and by working one-on-one with clientele to improve their own abilities to diagnose diseases themselves

Program Faculty