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Tropical Research And Education Center

Tropical Research And Education Center

Tropical Fruit Entomology

The Tropical Fruit Entomology Extension program works to inform and familiarize growers with insect pests that attack tropical fruits and educate growers on how to identify, scout for, and control insect pests using integrated pest management (IPM). In this effort, the program works to encourage continued cooperation between growers, regulators, the chemical and biological control industry, TREC-IFAS faculty, and local extension agents to satisfy research needs of the tropical fruit industry.

The Extension program includes one-to-one meetings with tropical fruit growers and field visits to establish and monitor insect and mite management activities. We also provide assistance on the identification of current pests to homeowners and growers of avocado, papaya, pitaya, passion fruit, guava, carambola, litchi, longan, mango and other tropical fruit.

The Extension program also includes public presentations and workshops for local growers, grove managers, tropical fruit industry representatives, and IPM practitioners.  The Tropical Fruit Entomology extension program also uses websites, TV and newspaper interviews, and other media to outreach broader audiences at the state, national and international levels.

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