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Tropical Research And Education Center

Tropical Research And Education Center


Use this directory to learn more about the people of TREC: faculty members, staff, students, and researchers.

Dr. Edward

Dr. Edward 'Gilly' Evans
Center Director & Professor

Food and Resource Economics Department

Dr. Jonathan H. Crane
Associate Center Director & Professor
Horticultural Sciences Department


Dr. Haimanote Bayabil

Dr. Haimanote Bayabil
Assistant Professor
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Dr. Zachary Brym

Dr. Zachary Brym
Assistant Professor
Agronomy Department

Dr. Daniel Carrillo

Dr. Daniel Carrillo
Associate Professor
Entomology and Nematology Department

Dr. Romina Gazis

Dr. Romina Gazis
Associate Professor
Plant Pathology Department

Dr. Young Gu Her

Dr. Young Gu Her
Associate Professor
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Lab website

Dr. Xiaoying Li
Assistant Professor
Horticultural Sciences Department 


Dr. Yuncong Li

Dr. Yuncong Li
Department of Soil, Water, & Ecosystem Sciences

Dr. Geoffrey Meru

Dr. Geoffrey Meru
Associate Professor
Horticultural Sciences Department


Dr. Alexandra Revynthi
Assistant Professor
Entomology and Nematology Department
Acarology Workshop

Dr. Bruce Schaffer

Dr. Bruce Schaffer
Horticultural Sciences Department
Lab website

Dr. Dakshina R. Seal

Dr. Dakshina Seal
Entomology and Nematology Department

Dr. Ashley Smyth

Dr. Ashley R. Smyth
Assistant Professor
Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences

Dr. Xingbo Wu
Assistant Professor
Environmental Horticulture

Dr. Shouan Zhang

Dr. Shouan Zhang
Plant Pathology Department

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Thomas L. Davenport
Associate Professor Emeritus
Department of Horticultural Sciences
(305) 246-7000

Dr. Waldemar Klassen
Professor Emeritus
Department of Entomology and Nematology
(305) 246-7000

Dr. Richard E. Litz
Professor Emeritus
Department of Horticultural Sciences
(305) 246-7000

Catharine Mannion
Professor Emeritus
Department of Entomolgy and Nematology
(305) 246-7000 

Dr. Jorge E. Peña
Professor Emeritus
Department of Entomology and Nematology
(305) 246-7000

Dr. Randy Ploetz
Professor Emeritus
Department of Plant Pathology
(305) 246-7000

Dr. Christine Waddill
Professor Emeritus
Department of Plant Pathology
(305) 246-7000

Dr. Van H. Waddill
Professor Emeritus
Department of Entomology and Nematology
(305) 246-7000

Courtesy Professors

Courtesy appointments apply to persons having the appropriate professional qualifications or having distinction and honor in their field, who are appointed without compensation to a department. Appointees must be significantly involved in the teaching, scholarly, or creative activities of the department offering the courtesy appointment.

Name Position Employer Email
Bridgeman, Puran  CO PROF  University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) 
Campbell, Richard J  CO PROF  Ciruli Brothers, LLC, Miami, Florida 
Gu, Binhe CO PROF South Florida Water Management District  
Palmateer, Aaron  CO PROF  SePRO Corporation 
Roda, Amy Louise  CO PROF  USDA/ARS, SHRS  
Wan, Yongshan  CO PROF  South Florida Water Management District 
Yang, Yuechao  CO PROF  Shandong Agriculture University 



Maria E. Bernal
Manager, Administrative Services
(786) 217-9227

Jose Castillo
Farm Manager
(786) 217-9246 

Ronald Brown
IT Professional I
(786) 217- 9247

Shannon Cutler
Fiscal Clerk
(786) 217-9232

Lisandro Mateo

Lisandro Mateo
Accounting Intern
(786) 217-9229

 Yomiris Reyes

Yomiris Reyes
Social Media Specialist
(786) 217-9226


Monique Scoggin
Marketing and Communications Specialist
(786) 217-9226

Melissa Stanton
Accountant III
(786) 217-9228

Jorge Vergel
Sr. Maintenance Supervisor
(786) 217-9283

Administrative Staff

Name Position Program Email Phone Number
Alegria, Jose M.  Agricultural Assistant II  Fruit Crop Entomology  786-217-9240 
Arias, Eduardo R.  Agricultural Assistant I  Support Services  786-217-9246 
Ballen Orozco, Fredy H.  Data Management Analyst II  Agricultural Economics  786-217-9264 
Bartell, Christian  Engineer I  Agricultural & Biological Engineering   786-217-9254 
Brym, Maria  Biological Scientist II  Horticultural Science  786-217-9280 
Calzadilla, Daniel  Biological Scientist II  Agroecology  786-217-9293 
Canon, Maria Alejandra  Research Assistant  Ornamental Plant Entomology  786-217-9240 
Carter, Charles  Field Technician  Vegetable Entomology  786-217-9270 
Castro, Kevin  Agricultural Assistant II  Plant Ecophysiology  786-217-9272 
Cruz, Luisa  Biological Scientist IV  Fruit Crop Entomology  786-217-9240  
De Paula Lelis, Tiago  Biological Scientist III  Ornamental Plant Pathology  786-217-9276 
Diaz, Carlos  Maintenance Generalist I  Support Services  786-217-9283 
Fu, Yuqing  Biological Scientist II  Plant Pathology  786-217-9282 
Hall, Jacob  Sr. Agricultural Assistant  Support Services  786-217-9246 
Heiden, Katie  Biological Scientist II  Biogeochemistry  786-217-9294 
Hughes, Nicholas L.  Maintenance Generalist II  Support Services  786-217-9283 
Jean Louis, Andy  Intern  Fruit Crop Entomology  786-217-9245 
Latty, Nathan  Intern  Horticultural Science  786-217-9280 
Liu, Qingchun  Biological Scientist III  Vegetable Plant Pathology  786-217-9234 
Martin, Cliff  Biological Scientist II  Vegetable Entomology  786-217-9270 
Martinez, Maury  Maintenance Generalist III  Support Services  786-217-9283 
Melcon, Ray  Biological Scientist II  Tropical Fruit Crops  786-217-9272 
Montas, Wanda  Biological Scientist III  Tropical Fruit Crops  786-217-9272 
Moon, Pamela  Biological Scientist III  Tissue Culture/ Biotechnology  786-217-9282 
Ramirez Corona, Jorge  Maintenance Generalist II  Support Services  786-217-9283 
Rodriguez, Aymee  Intern  Horticulture Science  786-217-9281 
Sabines, Catherine M.  Laboratory Technician III  Vegetable Entomology  786-217-9270 
Seal, Shawbeta  Agricultural Assistant   Agricultural & Biological Engineering  786-217-9254 
Smith, Bill A.  Agricultural Assistant  Support Services  786-217-9246 
Tannenbaum, Rebecca  Agricultural Food Scientist II  Tropical Fruit Crops / IR4  786-217-9273 
Vargas, Ana I.  Biological Scientist III  Plant Ecophysiology  786-217-9266 
Velazquez, Yisell  Biological Scientist II  Ornamental Plant Entomology  786-217-9242 
Vergel, Oralia  Custodial Worker II  Support Services  786-217-9283 
Wang, YuanYuan  Agricultural Assistant  Vegetable Pathology  786-217-9234 
Wiggan, Kingsley  Laboratory Technician  Horticultural Science  786-217-9280 
Yu, Gui Qin  Chemist III  Soil Sciences  786-217-9256 

Advisory Board


Graduate Students

Adeleye, Victoria  Entomology and Nematology   
Anderson, Joshua  Genetics Tropical Fruit Crops   
Beach, Tim  Soil and Water Science   
Berling, Kevin  Soil and Water Science   
Da-young, Kim  Agronomy Department   
De Camargo Santos, Aline  Molecular Plant Physiology   
De Giosa, Marcello  Ornamental Plant Entomology   
De Moraes Berto, Marielle  Entomology and Nematology  
Gastelbondo, Manuel  Genetics Tropical Fruit Crops   
Haley, Nicholas  Food and Resources Economy   
Huang, Yi  Plant Pathology   
Karlsen-Ayala, Elena  Ornamental Plant Entomology   
Mane Belizaire, Christ  Ornamental Plant Entomology   
Meng, Shanyu  Soil and Water Science   
Menocal, Octavio  Entomology and Nematology   
Pierre, Ketsira  Plant Pathology   
Reyes, Gabriela  Biogeochemistry   
Sanchez, Federico  Horticultural Science   
Shrestha, Swati  Horticultural Science   
Shin, Sat-Byeol  Agricultural and Biological Engineering   
Serrano, Tamara  Agronomy Department   
Talton, Hannah  Ornamental Plant Entomology   
Tefera, Bewuket  Agricultural and Biological Engineering   
Teshome, Fitsum  Agricultural and Biological Engineering   
Van Zeghbroeck, Joris  Soil and Water Science   
Welidehanna, Fikadu G.  Agricultural and Biological Engineering   
Williams, Ajit  Agronomy Department   
Yin, Melinda  Molecular Plant Physiology   
Yudin, Richard  Soil and Water Science   


Maria Silva Ataide, Dr. Livia  Entomology and Nematology  786-217-9242 
Faal, Dr. Hajar  Fruit Crop Entomology  786-217-9245 
Franciosi Della Vechia, Dr. Jacqueline  Fruit Crop Entomology  786-217-9245 
Gañán Betancur, Dr. Lederson  Ornamental Plant Pathology  786-217-9276 
Greene, Dr. Daniel  Entomology and Nematology  786-217-9242 
Kahn, Dr. Rafia  Entomology and Nematology  786-217-9249 
Michael, Dr. Vincent  Genetics Tropical Fruit Crops  n/a 
Navia-Urrutia, Dr. Monica  Ornamental Plant Pathology  786-217-9276 
Njoroge, Dr. Anastasia  Fruit Crop Entomology  786-217-9240 
Soares, Dr. Juliana Moreira  Ornamental Plant Pathology  786-217-9276 
Vargas Orozco, Dr. German  Entomology and Nematology  786-217-9242 

Research Scholars

NameDepartmentPhone ExtensionEmailVS HostHome University/Organization
Ahmad, Muhammad  Horticultural Sciences  9282  Dr. Elias Bassil  University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan 
Rodrigues de Souza, Edivan  Crop Ecophysiology  9266  Dr. Bruce Schaffer  Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, Agronomy Department, Recife - PE, Brazil 
Salvador Montoya, Carlos  Plant Pathology  9276   Dr. Romina Gazis  Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina) and Museo de Historia Natural Universidad Mayor de San Marcos (Peru) 
Song, Junghun  Agricultural and Biological Engineering  8268  Dr. Young Gu Her  Seoul National University 

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