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Tropical Research And Education Center

Tropical Research And Education Center

Entomology and Nematology

Entomology at the Tropical Research and Education Center consists of 3 distinct programs in vegetables, tropical fruits, and ornamental crops. These programs emphasize the identification and management of traditional and invasive pests affecting these cropping systems as well as in our natural areas and landscapes in south Florida. All programs promote biologically-based, long-term management focused on best management practices including the use and conservation of natural enemies and the proper and appropriate use of pesticides.

The ornamental entomology research program at TREC focuses on pest management of pests affecting ornamental plants in the landscape and in production with an emphasis on invasive pests. In addition to pest management, research topics include biology, population dynamics, and host preferences of new pests. Most of the research is focused on hemipteran pests such as whiteflies, scales and mealybugs but also on weevils, thrips, mites, and snails. Pest management research includes all aspects of control including biological control and pesticide management.

The Tropical Fruit Entomology program focuses on developing sustainable integrated pest management systems for fruit crops under tropical conditions. The program emphasizes biological control of existing and potentially invasive pests that affect fruit crops grown in South Florida.

Program Faculty