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Tropical Research And Education Center

Tropical Research And Education Center

Food and Resource Economics

The Food and Resource Economics Department reflects the diversity of Florida's agriculture which has more than 50 major commodities. The Department has 41 faculty members involved in a full range of research, extension, and teaching programs including Agricultural Marketing and Policy, Production/Farm Management, International Trade and Development, Marine Economics, Natural Resources, Community/Regional Development, and Labor Economics. In addition to 33 faculty members located at the main campus in Gainesville, eight faculty are found at research and education centers located throughout the state.

Dr. Edward "Gilly" Evans' applied agricultural economic program at TREC explores the economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture and agricultural trade-related policy analysis. A major component of the program involves conducting analyses of economic impacts of invasive species (foreign pests and diseases) on agricultural profitability and sustainability, and the likely costs and benefits associated with alternative management options. Other aspects of the research include working with colleagues to generate economically viable and environmentally friendly technologies, practices, and production and marketing systems, such as generating knowledge to conserve and improve the quality of water at the watershed level; finding suitable, cost-effective, and environmentally sound alternatives to methyl bromide (soil fumigrant) that are suited to Miami-Dade County's soil structure and topography; and conducting detailed market analysis of new and existing tropical horticultural commodities.

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