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Tropical Research & Education Center

Hibiscus Bud Weevil 

The hibiscus bud weevil is a pest of tropical hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.). This weevil originates from northeastern Mexico and southern Texas and was first found in Florida in May 2017. This pest feeds and oviposits in the flower buds. As a result of the larval feeding, severe bud drop is observed, decreasing the marketability of the crop. The hibiscus bud weevil is a regulated pest by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry (FDACS-DPI). Because of this designation, any nursery found with this weevil must sign and follow a compliance agreement with FDACS-DPI to reduce the chance of spreading the weevil.  





The Hibiscus Bud Weevil, Anthonomus testaceosquamosus Linell (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)  




Adult hibiscus bud weevil female (Photo credit: Daniel Carrillo)